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Don’t get caught off guard by market crashes that can take all your money down with them. And don’t miss out on markets where you can build wealth practically overnight. Real Estate News for Investors with Kathy Fettke is the premiere source for savvy real estate investors who want the edge. Stay up-to-date on new laws, regulations, and economic events that affect real estate. Topics include: market trends, economic analysis that affects housing prices, updates on the best rental markets for investing in single-family rentals or multi-unit rentals, turn-key housing standards, the fate of the highly revered 1031 exchange and other tax law affecting investors, self-directed IRA investing and 401k changes, where rents and property values are rising or falling, flipping risks, new Dodd-Frank rules regarding private lending and financing standards, areas with job losses vs job growth, areas that are overbuilt or over-supplied versus areas with low supply and high demand, and how to avoid real estate scams. We'll bring you the latest reports from organizations like the National Association of Realtors, Realty Trac, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Rent Range, Property Radar, the Norris Group, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Suse Orman, Bigger Pockets, Dave Ramsey and more. And we'll help you interpret the data in terms that make sense for your real estate goals, and portfolio. Grow and protect your wealth by staying on the forefront of economic data analysis, expert opinions, innovative investing strategies and profitable investment opportunities. We'll share all the top real estate news stories and the best trade secrets investors should know in 2016, so you can stay ahead of the curve and make fully informed real estate decisions. Host Kathy Fettke is Co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network, author of Retire Rich with Rentals and host of the Real Wealth Show on iTunes. She brings decades of media and real estate investing experience, offers her own viewpoints on particular topics, and taps into her network of real estate experts for real world news updates created just for investors like you. Get the real news on real estate on The Real Estate News For Investors Show!
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Real Estate News | Real Estate Investing | Stock Market Investing | Passive Income | Flipping | 1031 Exchange | Private Lending | Cash Flow



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Dec 23, 2016

The Federal Reserve finally raised rates for the first time this year at their December meeting, and suggested there could be three more rate hikes next year. There’s lots of varied opinions about what this could mean for real estate. So let’s tackle it!

It was a unanimous vote by the Federal Open Market Committee. After threatening to do so for several months now, the central bank raised the key interest rate another quarter percent. This means that the overnight lending rate between banks is now up to a half-percent from a quarter percent.

This was the first rate hike in 2016, even though the Fed announced last December that it would raise rates four times this year.

Why did it take so long?

To find out more, go to:

#182 - Fed Rate Hike to Crash the Stock Market Again?

Dec 21, 2016

If you’re flying this Holiday season and hope to get through the security line quickly, remember to remove any liquids, knives and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7!  As you’ve probably heard by now, this popular smart phone made headline news when it started causing fires, and has now been banned on airplanes by the FAA.

What do Samsung’s problems have to do with real estate investing?

Find out by visiting:

#181 - Lessons From Samsung for Real Estate Investors

Dec 20, 2016

You've heard the saying -- that apples don't fall far from the tree. But when it comes to earning potential, that saying may not be so true anymore.

A new study out of Stanford, Harvard, and U.C. Berkeley finds that children today are far less likely to earn as much money as their parents, compared to past generations. It says that likelihood has fallen from 92% for kids born in the 1940s to just 51% for those born in the 1980s -- our current Millennials. 

For the full scoop, go to:

#180 - The Growing Wealth Gap Between Young and Old

Dec 14, 2016

PCBs Could be the New "Asbestos" in Apartments, Commercial Buildings and Schools

If you own a building that was constructed in the 1950s, 60s, or 70s, you need to be aware of potential PCB contamination - as it’s becoming headline news.

PCBs or Polychlorinated biphenyls are man-made chemicals that were widely used in construction materials and electrical products in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s until they were banned in 1979.

Agricultural-giant Monsanto was the company that made PCBs, which were then used primarily in caulking, oil-based paint, floor finishes, and electrical equipment including fluorescent light ballasts.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#179 - PCBs Could be the New "Asbestos" in Apartments, Commercial Buildings and Schools


Dec 12, 2016

Senate confirmation will put former Wall Street insider Steven Mnuchin at the helm of the Treasury Department. As chief, he would be in charge of the nation's finances, policy, banking regulations, and the IRS. His name will also be on every American dollar.

The Secretary of the Treasury is a member of the President's Cabinet and his primary economic advisor. He helps create economic and financial policy including tax policy, and is in charge of several bureaus including the IRS, the U.S. Mint, the Office of Comptroller of the Current, and the Inspector General... among several others.

Salary for this enormous job is about $200,000 and, the person holding that post is fifth in line for the presidency should something happen to the command-in-chief.

To find out more, go to:

#178 - Trump Picks Wall Street Insider, Steven Mnuchin, for Treasury Secretary


Dec 9, 2016

Saying hello to your future self with gray hair and wrinkles may help you sock more money away for retirement. That's what Stanford researchers found out with a virtual reality experiment that could turn into a new tool for retirement planning.

We've heard a lot about people not saving enough for retirement. AARP calls it the "Live Now, Worry Later" mentality among many of today's young adults. Putting money away for retirement doesn't seem to make sense if you can't imagine a time when you're not young and healthy anymore.


For the latest scoop, go to:

#177 - Meeting Your Future Self Helps You Plan a Better Retirement

Dec 9, 2016

HUD Chief Julián Castro announced that "all" public housing agencies must implement a smoke-free policy within the next 18 months. So expect to see 'No Smoking" signs posted at public housing developments across the country.

This new rule will apply to more than 3,100 Public Housing Agencies and 940,000 federally-subsidized public housing units. Some agencies have already implemented smoke-free policies under HUD's voluntary policy -- that's about 200,000 housing units. But, this new rule will bring the total number up to 1.2 million units.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#176 - New HUD Rules Could Affect Your Section 8 Property


Dec 7, 2016
It's official. Donald Trump has announced on his Facebook page that he's going to nominate Dr. Ben Carson as the new HUD chief.

This isn't a big surprise. We've been hearing about that possibility for weeks along with concern about his limited experience in real estate, housing policy or the running of a massive government agency.

Carson is a retired neurosurgeon with no housing experience, which is making some housing experts nervous -- but reaction to his nomination is divided.
For the latest scoop, go to:
Dec 6, 2016

Text messaging has gained prestige in the world of communication. It's expanded from the casual chit-chat of LOL's and OMG's to something that can be used as a binding contract.

Text messaging was once the realm of the teenager and now we are all sending texts, along with awkward selfies and foodie photos. But there's now legal precedent that should serve as a wake-up call for anyone conducting any part of a business deal by text.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#174 - *New* Ruling: Text Messages = Legal Contract?

Dec 5, 2016

As the Trump presidency takes hold, the debate over Dodd-Frank is growing. President-Elect Donald Trump has promised to dismantle the banking reform act. Fed Chief, Janet Yellen, has promised to defend it. Congress has the power to change it. And, the battle has already begun.

The House just passed an amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act that could be the beginning of its unraveling. Although this bill isn't expected to pass in the Senate during President Obama's final days, it provides a glimpse of the fight ahead, under a Trump Administration.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#173 - Will Trump Really Dismantle Dodd-Frank?


Dec 3, 2016

In response to rising home prices nationwide, the Federal Housing Administration has raised loan limits for 2017. So if you were looking to buy a home, you may be able to qualify for an FHA loan next year a bit easier than you could this year.

You can look up your county’s new FHA loan limits by visiting:


#172 - FHA Loan Limits Increase...But Could End Up on Trump's Chopping Block

Dec 2, 2016

With Donald Trump in the White house, big changes are coming for taxpayers. New tax policies are still a moving target, but there are some things you can do now, to reduce your 2016 taxes, and prepare for 2017

The Trump Presidency is expected to usher in a massive new tax plan that will have big implications for all Americans and U.S. businesses. Before we look at how we should close out 2016, we should know what's ahead. That's not something we can be sure about, but here's how Forbes laid out the Trump tax proposal in several articles over the last few weeks.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#171 - Trump's Tax Plan to Benefit Real Estate Investors


Nov 29, 2016

If you've ever bought a home, you've probably written one. If you've ever sold a home, you've probably received one. They are called "buyer love letters" and their purpose is to convince sellers to accept their offers. But these letters can also be legally dangerous... for sellers.

When it comes to making an offer stand out from the rest, buyers will often write "love letters" to sellers with plenty of gushing complements about the home, and promises about how the home will be maintained. But some lawyers say they create a "seller beware" situation, because they can also make sellers vulnerable to  discrimination lawsuits.

For the latest scoop, go to:

#170 - Love Letters Could Get You in Trouble

Nov 24, 2016

As home prices rise, yields on rental properties are declining, but only slightly, according to a new report from RealtyTrac. And in fact, RealtyTrac says investor activity is on the rise.

As for the places where there are higher rental returns so far this year, ATTOM lists Wayne County, Michigan at 18.5%. That's in the Detroit metro area. 

We found an excellent team in Detroit. Gross yields are closer to 16%!

If you’re interested in meeting the team, sign up for our next live event Dec 10th in San Francisco and Dec 11th in Los Angeles. We’ll also be featuring multi-family properties in Chicago.

Find out more at

#169 - Investor Activity Increases This Year In Key Markets

Nov 23, 2016

House flippers and real estate investors were blamed for contributing to the housing crisis a decade ago, partly due to the fast turnover of homes that helped drive prices up. Now, some analysts say investors are providing badly needed affordable homes in certain metro areas.

The number of flipped homes is hitting a six-year high right now, and while it’s certainly padding the pockets of savvy real estate investors, it’s also providing much needed affordable housing - especially in areas where builders are unable to meet demand...

For the full scoop, go to:

#168 - Flipping Homes at A New High - Will a Trump Administration Slow it Down?

Nov 21, 2016

Where are we now in the real estate market cycle? John Burns Real Estate researcher, Rick Palacios, says we’re probably somewhere near the 7th inning. He says the market is still expanding but keep your eyes on those final few innings.

Palacios says the housing market has moved ahead nicely since it bottomed out in 2008 and almost upended the U.S. financial system. But he says the market works in cycles and we're about to come full circle...

For the full scoop, go to:

#167 - 7th Inning in Real Estate Market Cycle

Nov 18, 2016

The headlines scream fire sale prices for renters. Bloomberg writes that "Landlords Are Slashing Rents Across the Country" and Trulia says "Cut-Rate Housing: How Low Can You Go?"

But don't worry, landlords. Rents are doing just fine in most places!

For the full scoop, go to:

#166 - CAUTION! Big Rent Reductions In Key Real Estate Markets

Nov 17, 2016

Fannie Mae is taking another step to keep criminals out of homes going through the foreclosure process. It is expanding its use of clear plastic material instead of plywood to board up vacant homes. This could be useful to you if you buy a foreclosure or have a vacant home.

The use of "clear boarding" helps fight blight and crime in areas with a lot of vacant homes. Instead of plywood, windows and doors are boarded up with unbreakable polycarbonate material that is more visually appealing.  It also makes it less likely that squatters will occupy a home unnoticed...

For the full scoop, go to:

#165 - A New Way to Keep Vandals Out of Vacant Homes

Nov 15, 2016

While some Americans are threatening to leave the US for the next four years, some aging Baby Boomers are ready to ditch California for a better life. How will that transition affect real estate, not only in California, but also in the areas where they're headed?

America is in transition and so is the real estate market, but not just from the recent 180 degree turn on Capital Hill. 

The oldest Baby Boomers have turned 70, and as many as 10,000 people are retiring every day. Many are considering leaving their big homes and expensive neighborhoods, for more affordable options...

For the full scoop, go to:

#164 - Retiring Baby Boomers Drive Up Home Prices in Select Markets

Nov 12, 2016

Donald Trump shocked the world on Tuesday when he became the 45th President of the United States by a landslide. The voice of middle America and the South was heard loud and clear.  Whether you like him or not, having a mega-real estate tycoon in the Oval Office will have a "huuuuge" impact on our industry.

For the full scoop:

#163 - Interest Rates Could Soar from Trump's Trade Plans

Nov 9, 2016

It's Official! Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

Half of America sat in shock and awe last night as votes for Donald Trump swept the country.  It turns out he was right, and the pollsters and the mainstream media were wrong.

For the full scoop, go to:

#162 - Trump vs Obama on 1031 Exchanges, Capital Gain Taxes, and Self Directed IRA's

Nov 8, 2016

A new survey by the National Association of Realtors' shows that single women are buying homes at more than twice the rate of single men.

The NAR survey found that single women accounted for 17% of the homebuyers in 2016 - the highest level since 2011.

For the full scoop, go to:

#161 - All You Single Ladies Buying Real Estate, Put Your Hands Up!

Nov 4, 2016

Self-driving cars are about to shake up our world. They are just beginning to make an appearance right now, but when they go mainstream, they are expected to change how we live our lives, and design our homes and communities.

We already share the road with self-driving cars. Google has a fleet of test vehicles on the road in several states. Tesla has already equipped its Model S with "Autopilot software". 

For the full scoop visit:

#160 - Self-Driving Cars Shift the Real Estate Landscape

Nov 2, 2016

A major police raid in India has broken up a scam operation involving dozens of fake IRS agents, but don't let your guard down just yet. IRS imposters are still out there along with scammers that like to prey on the real estate industry.

Earlier this month, police in India raided nine call centers in Mumbai that were allegedly used by phony IRS agents. 70 people were arrested and hundreds more are under investigation.

For the full scoop:

#159 - Beware of *NEW* Real Estate Scams! (IRS, Comcast, Title Fraud)

Nov 1, 2016

It's a smoking hot industry that's about to fire-up the commercial real estate market...

With the legalization of pot sweeping across the country, pot growers are teaming up with investors to "grow" their operations.

Wherever you stand on the issue of legalizing marijuana, it looks like pot is about to make big money for growers and the people who provide services, equipment, facilities, real estate and funding for those growers. 

For the full scoop:

#158 - A Smokin' Hot Pot REIT 


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