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Don’t get caught off guard by market crashes that can take all your money down with them. And don’t miss out on markets where you can build wealth practically overnight. Real Estate News for Investors with Kathy Fettke is the premiere source for savvy real estate investors who want the edge. Stay up-to-date on new laws, regulations, and economic events that affect real estate. Topics include: market trends, economic analysis that affects housing prices, updates on the best rental markets for investing in single-family rentals or multi-unit rentals, turn-key housing standards, the fate of the highly revered 1031 exchange and other tax law affecting investors, self-directed IRA investing and 401k changes, where rents and property values are rising or falling, flipping risks, new Dodd-Frank rules regarding private lending and financing standards, areas with job losses vs job growth, areas that are overbuilt or over-supplied versus areas with low supply and high demand, and how to avoid real estate scams. We'll bring you the latest reports from organizations like the National Association of Realtors, Realty Trac, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, Rent Range, Property Radar, the Norris Group, Peter Schiff, Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Suse Orman, Bigger Pockets, Dave Ramsey and more. And we'll help you interpret the data in terms that make sense for your real estate goals, and portfolio. Grow and protect your wealth by staying on the forefront of economic data analysis, expert opinions, innovative investing strategies and profitable investment opportunities. We'll share all the top real estate news stories and the best trade secrets investors should know, so you can stay ahead of the curve and make fully informed real estate decisions. Host Kathy Fettke is Co-CEO of the Real Wealth Network, author of Retire Rich with Rentals and host of the Real Wealth Show on iTunes. She brings decades of media and real estate investing experience, offers her own viewpoints on particular topics, and taps into her network of real estate experts for real world news updates created just for investors like you. Get the real news on real estate on The Real Estate News For Investors Show!
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Sep 14, 2016

Elon Musk, the SpaceX founder and CEO, has been dazzling would-be space travelers with a plan to build a city on Mars just years from now. He's hoping to send the first "unmanned" flight to Mars two years from now, in 2018. And eight years from now, in 2024, he's hoping to put the first human footprints on the surface of Mars.

Just to put things into perspective, the trip to Mars is an average 140 million miles. It will take several months to get there.

Find out how YOU can get free property in this new colony at:

#136 - FREE Real Estate! (But it's on Mars...)

Sep 13, 2016

Does it make sense to upsize or downsize when approaching those "Golden" Years? As one 60-year-old homeowner told CNBC, it's more about "right-sizing".

As pre-retirees and retirees ask themselves whether they "should stay" or they "should go," it seems the results are split right down the middle. Among the reasons for moving:

-  to lower home expenses
-  to deal with health challenges
-  to resolve a divorce,
-  to make changes after a spouse dies. 

And the top reason for moving -- most retirees say they want to be closer to family.

Find out more at:

#135 - Downsizing for Retirees

Sep 12, 2016

Airbnb is taking another California city to court, claiming that new rules on short-term rentals violate the Constitution. The San Francisco-based hosting service filed a 22-page lawsuit against the ocean-side city of Santa Monica last Friday.

Santa Monica passed restrictive rules on short-term rentals in May of last year. The city didn't put an outright ban on short-term rentals, but some people say the rules are so stringent they essentially eliminate short-term rentals altogether.

Find out more at:

#134 - Airbnb Sues Santa Monica

Sep 9, 2016

A low flying spy plane is making it easier to set competitive rents across the nation.

This military-grade reconnaissance plane is equipped with video-mapping technology that is tracking rental construction to help determine what's ahead in various markets.

This information is gathering important data that landlords can use to determine rent values.

Find out more at

#133 - New SPY Plane Helps Landlords Set Accurate Rents

Sep 8, 2016

The Chinese buying spree in hot coastal markets is cooling off. According to, these real estate investors are discovering they can get better returns on single-family rentals in lesser known areas.

Chinese investors have been chasing high-end properties in major coastal markets for the last five years. This land-grab has created a Catch 22 - strong demand sent prices soaring, which lowered returns. So now, these investors are looking elsewhere.

But where? And how will that affect the U.S. housing market?

Get the full scoop at:

Join me on my 3 City Florida property tour next week. We'll be looking at REAL turnkey income properties on September 14th, 15th and 16th.

Text NETWORK to 72000 or email

#132 - Chinese Real Estate Investors Flocking to THESE New Markets... and Driving Prices Up

Sep 7, 2016
This is going to be a boom year for home improvement projects. Some homeowners may be unable to "trade up" so they are "fixing up" instead. Others are remodeling their properties so they sell for top dollar. And then there are new homeowners putting some elbow grease into their new digs.

With the increase in remodeling set to double, what does this mean to real estate investors?

Get the full story here:
#131 - Home Remodeling Frenzy Drives Up Costs
Sep 2, 2016

It's a strong niche market for real estate investors and this market is expected to grow in the next five years. But as U.S. News and World Reports points out, you need to be able to handle "the broken door knobs and the smell of stale beer".

If you are looking to buy property you can rent out, you might want to consider property near a college or university. You would have a higher turnover rate but tenants would be rushing back on a regular basis to find and secure limited student housing.

Find out why so many investors are already capitalizing on the opportunity.

#130 - Off-Campus Student Housing Demand is Up

Sep 1, 2016

Imagine taking a tour of the house of your dreams—one that’s arranged exclusively for you. You can visit any time of the day or night, view the house at your own pace and linger as long as you like in the kitchen or by the infinity pool.

Welcome to the world of virtual real estate. 

Most of us associate virtual reality with gaming and sci-fi films but it’s a technology that’s starting to make waves in the real estate sector, too.

#129 - Virtual Reality Comes to Real Estate 

Aug 31, 2016

Rental demand is intense across the country and there's a new apartment construction tsunami sweeping the nation. Rent Cafe says we can expect to see 350,000 new units available for rent by the end of the year. And that could have a cooling effect on some of the hottest rental markets.

Find out which cities will be affected:

#128 - Apartment Construction Boom May Soften Rental Prices

Aug 30, 2016

New research is showing that certain word pairs appear to translate into faster sales and higher home prices. And some words that just don’t help sell a home at all. Wouldn’t you like to know that before you list your home?

Find out what those words are at:

#127 - Word Combinations That Sell Homes Faster and for Higher Prices


Aug 30, 2016

A housing option that was once reserved for the college dorm is now becoming more popular among professionals across the country. Cooperative living or "co-living" combines like-minded individuals, private bedrooms, lots of shared space, plenty of amenities, and short-term leases.

The co-living concept is just stretching its wings. It could be something that becomes increasingly popular among the millennial generation. Baby boomers who are now empty nesters may also like this option, rather than living alone.

And real estate investors will love this concept because a single family home can be operated like a small apartment - with cash flows much higher than renting to just one family.

Get the full transcript at:

#126 – "Co-Living" Rental Properties a Cash Cow for Landlords



Aug 26, 2016

A Common MISTAKE New Real Estate Investors and Home Buyers Make

The U.S. housing market is HOT. Homes are selling faster nationwide than they have since the National Association of Realtors began tracking the data. And in seller’s markets like this, buyers can get bamboozled.

Click here for the full story and blog.

Aug 25, 2016

Public transportation is becoming one of those "must haves" for both homebuyers and renters. More than half of the people in a new survey say they'd pay more for their mortgage or their rent, to have public transit near their homes.

Infrastructure solutions company HNTB conducted an "America THINKS" survey called "Transit Oriented Development in America". They say a majority of Americans would pay more every month for their mortgage or their rent, to ditch their car and get to work or play without the use of a personal vehicle.

The pubic transit option is especially important for millennials. 70% of them would pay more for that convenience while 49% of older Americans say they'd like to have that option.

Where are the best cities?

Click here for the blog.

Aug 24, 2016

The homeownership rate in the U.S. has fallen steadily since the Great Recession turned millions of homeowners into renters. Is there a bottom in site, and when will this trend reverse?

U.S. Census Bureau data shows a steady decline in homeownership over the last several years. It's dropped from almost 70% in 2005, just a few years before the mortgage meltdown to just 62.9% in the second quarter of this year.

But families who are now renting instead of owning are not moving into apartments. Economist Matt Vance at CBRE Econometric Advisors says, "They have not left single-family living. They have left homeownership. The difference is they are renting instead of buying."

Where are they renting?

Get the full story at

Aug 22, 2016

Staying ahead of the real estate demographic curve means keeping your eye on the millennials. They are fueling much of the rental market right now and are expected to become the next biggest group of homebuyers. But where exactly are they headed to rent or to buy?

Get the full transcript at

The post #122 – HIPSTURBIA – The “New Cool Urban Suburb” attracting Millennials and Babyboomers Alike appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 19, 2016

Uber has turned the ride-for-hire industry on its head. And now, the founder of the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company is hoping to revolutionize the process of buying and selling residential real estate. But will it help or hinder the sale of a home...

The post #121 – Uber Founders Enter Real Estate Space appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 17, 2016

FAKE vs. R.E.A.L Turnkey Rental Properties
Turn-key providers are showing up all over the place, but what does turn-key really mean?

Here at Real Wealth Network, we realized we are the only turn-key company that has a six sigma black belt on staff, who’s vetting out who is a real turn-key company. How does having a black belt six sigma help with vetting and what are the R.E.A.L. turn-key property standards at Real Wealth Network?

Find out more at:

The post #120 – FAKE vs. R.E.A.L Turnkey Rental Properties appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 16, 2016

Top Cities for Telecommuters (And How That Affects Real Estate Values)
Telecommuting has become more and more popular for both employees who’d like to spend more time at home and for companies who would like to save costs. For us real estate investors, it’s vital that we stay on top of any changes in the workplace, and specifically where people are working... because it could alter the real estate landscape.

As more and more people find they can work remotely, they may be able to live remotely. It may not be as important in the future for people to live near their jobs. They may be more inclined to live near amenities they enjoy. And that may not even be within this country.

At Real Wealth Network, the director of our Academy has a goal to travel the world while she’s unmarried and without children. So starting in October, Maggie Pike will be developing our online investor program from Buenos Aires in Argentina. But don't worry. She'll still be actively developing the Real Wealth Investor Academy. You can find out more at

For the full transcript:

The post #119 – Top Cities for Telecommuters (And How That Affects Real Estate Values) appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 15, 2016

If the nation experiences another recession, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could need as much as $127.6 billion dollars in bailout funds from taxpayers. That's the number that was released after a recent stress test on the two government-controlled mortgage finance companies.

A stress test is performed annually on the GSE’s to measure their financial performance - which is a similar stress test required for banks, under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Find out what financial shape the banks are in today, and how you as a real estate investor could be affected.

The post #118 – Recession Stress Test for Banks and Real Estate Investors appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 11, 2016

As Millennials continue to delay the purchase of their first home, retiring baby boomers are stepping in to provide rental housing. You could call it a "generational balancing act" in the housing market.

Bloomberg wrote an article about the boomers' new retirement plan. It's founded on a surging number of millennials who rent because they either can't purchase a home yet, or they don't want to.

The article says that more and more baby boomers are abandoning traditional investments because they have become so unpredictable. Instead, it says that many boomers are looking for single-family homes they can buy, fix, and rent out.

This sounds like the exact plan we’ve been teaching members of Real Wealth Network for 13 years… Looks like we’re not alone. :-)

The post #117 – U.S. Becomes “Landlord Nation” appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 9, 2016

Amazon has once again raised the bar in the race to make smart homes smarter with Echo, and Alexa who lives inside of it.

The latest announcement: Alexa is now able to place Amazon Prime orders with a simple voice command. She used to be able to shop for you, by placing orders for products that you’ve ordered before. But now she can order anything on the Prime list.

Now how does all this affect real estate investing?

We must pay attention to the fact that our world is changing rapidly. This is not a time to be passive or you will get left in the dust.

For the full transcript:

The post #116 – Amazon’s Alexa Changes Commercial and Residential Real Estate appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 8, 2016

Bitcoin is breaking into the real estate crowdfunding craze for the very first time. The Brelion platform announced that it has begun a pilot program for Bitcoin and will accept the digital currency for the purchase, renovation, lease and refinance of a single-family home.

Get the full transcript at:

The post #115 – The Very First Bitcoin Real Estate Crowdfunding Deal appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 5, 2016

Low-income families have been able to use their Section 8 vouchers to rent a manufactured home. Under the new bill, they will be able to use the vouchers to pay a mortgage, property taxes and insurance on manufactured homes.

The housing reform law also included changes to the FHA's condo program.

President Obama signed into law H.R. 3700, known as the “Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act, ” which the National Association of REALTORS® says is a “significant step” in helping people get access to affordable financing for condos.

If you are looking to get into your first property, consider getting an FHA loan on a condo. It’s much easier now than it was, and in some cases, you only have to put 3.5% down.

If you want an FHA loan to buy an investment property, there will be some serious restrictions to that.

For the full transcript:

The post #114 – New Law: Section 8 Vouchers Can Be Used to Buy a Home appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 3, 2016

There’s a high-rise nightmare that’s only beginning to take shape in San Francisco. The 58-story $350 million dollar Millennium condo tower is sinking and tilting. And it could turn into one of the city's costliest real estate legal battles ever.

The building owners are blaming the problem on the underground construction of the new Transbay Transit Center right next to the Millennium tower. And the homeowners association issued a statement that listed several public agencies that could be held legally responsible. That includes the Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which is run by the city of San Francisco, AC Transit, Caltrans and Caltrain.

And while the homeowner's association blames the transit center project, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority is balking at the accusation, saying it took all the necessary precautions.

The Authority reportedly checked on the potential impact of the proposed Transit Center project back in 2010, and found that the Millennium had already sunk 10 inches.

The Transit Authority claims the Millenium Tower has its problems because engineers cut costs and failed to drill an additional 200 feet into bedrock. It claims that the Tower sits on fill, and would of course sink and tilt.

So this is sure stir up all sorts of costly ideas on how to "fix" the problem. Some experts are saying you might be able to pour concrete beneath the base and install additional supports. Whatever it is that needs to be done, it's sure to lead to a lively court.

For the full transcript:

The post #113 – Sinking San Francisco Condo Tower Could Cost Taxpayers appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

Aug 3, 2016

Sales in some of the hottest real estate markets in the US seem to be cooling off while areas that have been slower to rebound appear to be heating up. What’s causing this shift?

According to Trulia’s recent article entitled, “Breaking Stride, Fastest Moving Housing Markets Slowing Down,” there are signs that the bargain belt may be getting more activity than the costly coasts.

In this episode, find out where things are slowing down and where they are speeding up for the first time.

The post #112 – Price Declines Picking Up Speed in San Francisco… appeared first on Real Wealth Show | Real Estate Investing | Turnkey Rental Property | Cash Flow | Notes | Private Lending | Flipping | Wholesaling.

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